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The primary objective for the WHMIS course is to provide course participants with the skills required to access and apply the information needed to protect their health and safety while working with WHMIS-controlled products.

The comprehensive online course meets all Federal and Provincial Health and Safety legislative requirements for all provinces. The course has six sections with each section having a corresponding quiz to reinforce and verify the participants understanding of the material. Students are unable to advance through the sections without answering all questions correctly. For quality assurance, questions are randomized when a section is revisited with a different set of questions presented to the course participant. Course sections include:

  1. Introduction to WHMIS
  2. Product Labels
  3. Hazard Symbols
  4. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  5. WHMIS Education- Responsibilities and Roles
  6. Exemptions and Restricted Applications

Course Goals The central objectives for this course are to provide learners with the ability to:

  • Describe what WHMIS is;
  • Explain why WHMIS was created and its key elements;
  • Explain the purpose, legislation and enforcement of WHMIS;
  • Identify preventative and control measures, including personal protective equipment required to reduce workplace exposure risk;
  • Define the Hazard Classification System; identify its components and exemptions;
  • Describe WHMIS three-part information system including the sections required on a material safety data sheet, required education and training, as well as product labels;
  • Describe the WHMIS product classification process;
  • Identify the information on MSDS;
  • Identify certain hazardous product exemptions and restricted applications where the WHMIS regulations do NOT apply.

NOTE - This course only addresses the general WHMIS knowledge portion of the worker education requirement. Site-specific training on actual materials and procedures is also required.

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